AI World Series

March 10 2022

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BiCstreet Talks

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our first 10-week AI World series, commencing on the 10th of March 2022, featuring AI expert Dr. Jacques Ludik.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves using computers in order to do things that traditionally require human intelligence. This means creating algorithms to classify, analyze, and draw predictions from data. It also involves acting on data, learning from new data, and improving over time.

Artificial Intelligence

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We are the world’s first company focused on providing a social member venue for professionals to meet, co-trade, and network all under one roof.

When we thought of BiCstreet, we imagined a professional social member space, for today’s diverse and dispersed community, a venue where members or non/members can meet to network with a diversified range of professionals.

We stand firm in believing that humans are social creatures, and face-to-face interaction is the best way to enhance productivity and growth. Being a specialized co-trading and social networking venue, we provide the perfect space for you, your teams & invites, colleagues and professional members, at BiCstreet, to meet, engage socially and collaborate while working.

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BiCstreet Talks was created so that we could share knowledge, awareness, and insight from those who are experts in their domains. We aim to interview all kinds of experts in their professional fields from around the world. Each episode, series, and talk will be live broadcasted and recorded for future viewings.

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Dr. Jacques Ludik

Dr. Jacques is a smart technology entrepreneur, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, founder of multiple AI companies, author, and award-winning AI Leader with a Ph.D. in Computer Science (AI) and 25+ years' experience in AI, Machine Learning & Data Science, and its applications.
Dr Ludik's latest book is titled "Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone".

A native New Yorker has worked in the human development field for over thirty-five years, as a psychotherapist, coach, trainer of coaches, T-group facilitator, and owner and facilitator of a personal transformation seminar company M.A Counselling, guidance services and Business Coach , B.A.Sc. Psychology

Tony Kirkland


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Each episode session of our AI World Series, will allow native New Yorker host Tony Kirkland, to interview Dr. Jacques Ludik, in a creative interactive style, to help decipher implications and significant market opportunities of Artificial intelligence and its impact across all industries, governance and lifestyle.

AI World Series will attract global corporates, academia, businesses, governments and white collar professionals, who need to understand critical implications and algorithmic implementation of AI, data surveillance capitalism and how artificial intelligence uncovers exponential value to unlock for departments, platforms, products, services and professional careers.


Following the 10 weekly live sessions, each episode will be available through Video on Demand (VOD) streaming under our new subscription based platform, due to officially launch just before the 10th of March 22 for the

“ LIVE “ AI World Series event. will also be available for VOD streaming, over OTT (over the top) platforms, such as Roku, AppleTV and Amazonfire within the next three months, making AI World Series even more accessible to million of viewers worldwide through Smart TV devices.

VOD Streaming

Ark Invest, one of the largest Fund Managers in the world with over $40 billion AUM, predicts in its 2022 Tech Report, that Artificial Intelligence will be a mind boggling $100 Trillion Marketcap, exceeding all innovative industries by only 2030.

AI World Series will be " Live Streamed " to an international global audience from our aesthetic studio premises in Cape Town, South Africa and turned into a video on demand production, for continued global consumption.


Virtual attendee’s from all over the world, including our physical location studio attendees, who complete the 10-week interactive and interview sessions, will be issued a Non Fungible Certificate “ NFC “ enabled by BlockchainValley, a new blockchain distributed ledger and cryptocurrency project, currently undergoing regulatory token offering approval in the European Union.

Each free NFC will be issued within 3 months following 10 weekly sessions as ´ Proof of Completion ´ immutable and validated on BlockchainValley´s 4th industrial revolution blockchain when publicly rolled out.

Non Fungible Certificate (NFC) will soon be enabled as a technology " standard " on the 4IR blockchain, similar to Ethereum´s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard.

All kinds of certifications such as academic qualifications, birth certificates, health certificates, vehicle certificates, memberships or any kind of certification imaginable can soon be issued as Non-Fungible Certificates (NFC).

This utilisation blockchain standard, aims to help authenticate certification of anything, provide proof of ownership, a notable form of identity, or proof of achievement, leading to significant cost efficiencies, fraud elimination B2C issuances, storage and blockchain provenance.

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Is Founder of Ginsberg Advisory Services. He has professional experience in governance, strategic planning, performance management, goal setting, fundraising, board training and conflict resolution.

David has experience in managing change and teams. Experience in running 10 schools in multiple campuses as Director Finance and Administration, and Joint CEO.

David is at the forefront of the international school business-management profession, and is dubbed the “father of school business management in South Africa” by the Minister of Education in the Western Cape for bringing development courses to South Africa.
He integrates technology with leadership, and currently consults with a counseling app for teenagers.

David Ginsberg

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Our BlockchainValley sponsor will also invite registered paid attendees of our AI World Series, to claim an additional ´10´ free 4IR tokens, once their 4IR Token launch has been regulatory approved in the EU. There has been considerable Media Buzz about crypto appreciation lately. Learn more by visiting our sponsor at

March 10 2022



Get your AI World Series event ticket now. Physical attendance at our Cape Town studio venue (Bicstreet) is limited and includes Food & Drinks. Global Virtual Attendance is unlimited. Visit our Eventbrite page to book and learn more:

Each episode, series, and talk will be live broadcasted and recorded for future viewings.

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Virtual Global Attendance - $35 per weekly session 10% Discount applies when you purchase the whole 10 weekly sessions*

Discounted unlimited Video on Demand (VOD) Subscription streaming after event on

Physical Attendance at our Cape Town Studio venue - $40 per weekly session, including free food and drinks. 10% Discount applies when you purchase the whole 10 weekly sessions

** Discounted Unlimited Video on Demand (VOD) Subscription streaming after the event on

(Live & Virtual Attendance including subsequent Subscription VOD Streaming will launch on by March 10, 2022, for onboarding). All " Paid Attendees " will be notified by email how to Register and Onboard our BiCflix streaming platform, before

the above starting date by email.

If you are a Fortune 500 Corporate or Governmental Institution and want to purchase bulk tickets on behalf of your employees under 30 day invoicing, or if you´d like to feature as one of our corporate sponsors, then kindly contact Micaela:

  • Virtual & Physical Attendance
  • Access to 10 Sessions
  • XAAccess to Bicflix
  • Virtual Attendance 1 session
  • Physical Attendance 1 session



  • Virtual Attendance 1 session







  • Introduction to AI to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era
  • Understanding the Past
  • The Smart Technology Era
  • Some of AI’s Challenges and Rewards in the Smart Technology Era
  • AI’s Transformative Impact on Our World
  • Some Brief Historical Highlights of AI
  • Demystifying AI and its Multifaceted Nature
  • Assisted, Augmented and Autonomous AI
  • The Intelligence of Things, Blockchain, and the Future of Computing
  • Our Responsibility in Directing AI


March 10, 2022 - Episode Session One: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

1. Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone & AI as Key Exponential Technology in the Smart Technology Era

  • Towards AI-driven Digital Transformation
  • The Agile AI-driven Business Enterprise
  • Assisting Businesses on their AI-driven Transformation Journeys
  • AI is Changing Business Processes
  • AI impacting the Workplace, Employment, and the Job Market
  • The New AI-driven Face of Business and Customer Services
  • AI-driven Cybersecurity for the Business Enterprise

2. AI-driven Digital Transformation of the Business Enterprise

March 17, 2022 - Episode Session Two: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • AI’s Comprehensive Impact on Financial Services
  • AI-driven Retail and eCommerce
  • Telecommunications, Media, and Entertainment
  • Transportation, Travel and Tourism

3. AI Revolutionizing Personalized Engagement for Consumer Facing Businesses

March 24, 2022 - Episode Session Three: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • Impact of AI on Utilities and the Energy Sector
  • Smart Technology Driven Resources and Manufacturing
  • AI Revolutionizing Agriculture

4. AI-powered Process and Equipment Enhancement across the Industrial World

March 31, 2022 - Episode Session Four: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • Transformative AI for Personalized Education
  • AI-powered Personalized Precision Healthcare
  • AI-enabled Ultra-personalized Wellness

5. Ultra-personalized AI-enabled Education, Precision Healthcare, and Wellness

April 7, 2022 - Episode Session Five: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • AI’s Impact on Society
  • Potential Benefits of AI for Society and Social Good
  • Risks, Concerns and Challenges of AI for Society
  • AI-driven Transformation of the Public Sector
  • Governmental AI Strategies, Policies, and Adoption

6. AI’s Impact on Society, Governments, and the Public Sector

April 13, 2022 - Episode Session Six: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • Making Sense of the AI Debates
  • Human Intelligence versus Machine Intelligence
  • Lessons Learnt, Limitations, and Current State-of-the Art in AI
  • Progress, Priorities and Likely Future Paths for AI

7. The Debates, Progress and Likely Future Paths of AI

April 21, 2022 - Episode Session Seven: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • What does it Mean to be Human and Living Meaningful in the 21st Century?
  • Problematic Trajectory of Our Current Civilization in the Smart Technology Era
  • Analyzing more Issues and Ideas for Reshaping our Civilization for Beneficial Outcomes
  • Various Potential Outcomes for the Future of Civilization
  • Beneficial Outcomes, Massive Transformative Purpose, and Smart Goals
  • MTP for Humanity and its associated Goals

8. Beneficial Outcomes for Humanity in the Smart Technology Era

April 28, 2022 - Episode Session Eight: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • Solutions to Address AI's Potential Negative Impacts
  • Democratizing AI is a Multi-Faceted Problem
  • Framework for Strategic Planning to Shape a Beneficial Human-Centric Future
  • Designing AI for Social Good and Beneficial Outcomes
  • Building Human-compatible, Ethical, Trustworthy and Beneficial AI
  • Addressing Bias and Discrimination
  • 21st Century Skills, Competencies, and Jobs for a Human-centric AI-driven Workplace

9. Democratizing AI to Help Shape a Beneficial Human-centric Future

May 5, 2022 - Episode Session Nine: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

  • The Age of the Super Platform
  • Sapiens, the Human-centric User-controlled AI-driven Super Platform
  • Solutions to Address AI's Potential Negative Impacts
  • Sapiens for the Individual User
  • Sapiens for Smart Communities
  • Sapiens within a multi-sector digital ecosystem
  • Monetization within Sapiens’ ecosystem
  • Sapiens’ ecosystem - from users and business to Smart Communities and Smart Cities
  • Where do we start and how do we launch the Sapiens platform and ecosystem
  • Democratizing AI Fund

10. Towards Sapiens, the Human-centric User-controlled AI-driven Super Platform

May 12, 2022 - Episode Session Ten: 10h00 -13h00 Central Africa Time

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